2. 1hraday:

    One hour a day

    This took me a lot more than 1 hour, but I couldn’t make time for another thing today, so I’m showing you this :P

    This is inspired by the work of Drew Green

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  3. This is my tribute to thatgamecompany’s Journey, such a wonderful game that it makes you forget everything you thought you knew about what videogames are supposed to be.

    It is filled with symbolisms about our lives, reminding us to enjoy our stay on this mysterious land we call Earth and to accept and respect each other on our way to the top. And that is what I love most about it.

    So… I hope you journeyers enjoy it! :)

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  4. Characters in slightly different styles for a music game.

  7. Barbunzel :)

    (about the name: barba means beard in Spanish)